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Ceramics Canada is known and respected for the best quality bisque on the market. We therefore only use the best slip available! Al-Mac Slip Company is our only supplier for slip.

Below are a few links to mold companies.....
Help us to choose which new molds to order!  We value your input- after all you're the customer!  Send us an email now by clicking here:  mailto:tanya@ceramicscanada.com
We'd like to order every new mold- unfortuneatly, we cannot!  At Ceramics Canada, our policy is to order any mold provided we have orders for a minimum of 5 pieces.  So, if it's a mold you really want and the interest of our other customers isn't there............  simply order 5 and we'll order the mold!  Just want one?  Tell us!  We'll circulate the picture to all our customers and try to get four other interested parties to order one too!  That way, you'll only have to order one!  Have questions?  Email us now:  mailto:tanya@ceramicscanada.com

Link to Major Mold Lines here:

Here's your chance! Help us decide which new molds to order!
Just click on the corresponding mold company link to see the latest mold releases:
Here are more mold companies and ceramic related links:


Riverview Molds


Boothe Molds

Yozie Molds


Skyline Molds

Firehouse Molds

Cj Molds

Jones Molds

Shiloh Molds

Greenwood Acres Molds

Macky Molds

Delite Molds

Lincoln Molds

Ross Molds

Hershey Molds

Weavers Molds

TNT Molds

Fire Box Molds

ICCO Molds

Mystic Molds

Cardinal Designs

Teddy Bear Molds

Zavori Molds


Starlite Molds

Love Me Dolls

Bell Ceramics

Doc Holliday

Collectible Doll Molds

Casco Molds

Norwood Molds

Master Sargent Molds

Magnolia Molds


Clay Magic

Creative Paradise

Doc Holiday

Ann Original


Molds Etc

Cindy's (Smiley Molds)

Crest Molds

See a mold you like by one of these companies? Let us know ! With a minimum order, we'll order the mold for you!

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